Sex At The Office

There was this girl at my work, and she had been there for about a month when I first really spoke to her. And that’s when we had sex dating at work. I work in an office, and there are a lot of people on my floor, so there isn’t really that much time to get to know everyone who comes through. She was just starting out working in offices I guess, because they had been giving her some pretty boring jobs to do.guuu

She had been photocopying documents, and making coffees when that was asked of her, for a day or two. The copy machine that they had her using (this junky old thing that no one ever wanted to go near) was near my desk. I guess the boss put her on that old machine because he didn’t want her to get in the way of people who needed to get copies made fast.

I felt sorry for her, and I tried to strike up a conversation with her. Of course, she was pretty as well, and that didn’t hurt. She must have been about 15 years younger than me though, since I was in my late 30s at that point. She was likely fresh out of college or something, and doing the boring, menial jobs that no one else wanted, until she could get some more experience. Her tight little skirt caught my eye, and I tried to avoid looking at her legs.

The funny thing was that she had more qualifications than most of the people in my department, but she had never had any real-life work experience before. I guess she must have liked me, or she was just really bored, because she started to tell me about all of the guys that she’d had sex with. I didn’t think it was appropriate for the workplace, but no one else was near, and I was getting a bit turned on. She had a full figure, and dark black hair. I guess some younger people might say she was a goth or something, but she was dressed formally for work. Eventually she needed more toner for the machine, so I showed her where we kept it.

She must have been telling the truth about her experience of sex contacts with guys, because she had my dick in her mouth in a second. I don’t know what she learned at college, but she had certainly gotten really good at sucking dick, because it only took her 5 minutes to drain my balls completely. After than, I showed her how to replace the toner in the copier. I don’t think it was exactly a fair trade, but she didn’t seem to mind.

Sexy Girl From The Festival

The last time I went to a music festival, there were so many people that I thought I was going to faint from all the heat and sweat. It was the first big, mainstream thing like that I’d gone to. There were plenty of big, loud dudes right up the front of the crowd, trying to push each other around. I wasnhii’t really used to that sort of thing, and I think some of the smaller people were getting a bit knocked around.

There was this one particular girl, probably around my age, who got knocked down onto her knees by some big idiot. I grabbed her hand and pulled her out of the area, so that she could recover, and so she wouldn’t get hurt. After that, she stood in front of me, so that she wouldn’t get knocked around so much. She must have appreciated the help that I gave her, and letting her use me as a shield, because later things got pretty fun.

We talked and exchanged names. It turned out that she had flown over from interstate, and was staying with her cousin. She was at the festival alone though, which I thought was pretty strange. I guess she just wanted to go to see some of the groups, and no one else could fly over with her. Her cousin was working late, so we ended up going back to my place.

She must have really liked me, beacuse we hadn’t even gotten through the door when we started making out. That lead to lying on the bed together, and soon we were naked, still covered in sweat from the festival. I have to say that I don’t know why she wanted to come home with me, because she was extremely hot. I’m not exaggerating either. Her body was slim and toned, like she worked out or something, and her tits were probably double-Ds. We spent the next hour having sex, in a bunch of different ways. Eventually she said that she needed to go home, because her cousin had finished work, and wanted to see her.

I was a little sorry to see her go, but I was also tired from the festival, and from the sex, so I said goodbye, and called her a cab. We didn’t kiss or anything when she left, but it’s not like we were dating. That was a pretty fun festival.

Fucking My Landlord

A few weeks ago something crazy happened, I fucked my landlord. It was so unexpected and I didn’t even suspect he was interested in some kind of casual dating with me, as far as reading signs go, I suck! So, I was in my house watching TV with a massive headache and trying to avoid doing college work when someone knocked at the door. “Hi Felicity, hope everything’s okay?”. It was my landlord Joe, nice guy, mid 30’s and obviously into keeping fit! He had one of the flattest stomachs I’d seen for years! “Yep, okay, well apart from a leak in the kitchen”.

I let Joe into the house, he’d only be here for an hour tops and I was desperate to stop the washing machine from destroying my kitchen floor every time I switched it on. “Well, let me look at this and you can go rest your head”. Joe was a real sweetheart, most landlords are horrible yet Joe was kind hearted, probably in the wrong job! I went back to the living room, took two aspirin and laid my head on the couch and fell asleep. When I woke, Joe was still working in the kitchen so I went out and checked he was okay.When I saw Joe, he was stripped to the waste, sweating and wrestling with a copper pipe under the sink. “I think this might take a day or two to fix Flelicity”. He mumbled from under the sink.

To be honest, for a moment I’d forgotten the sink was even a problem. Joe was hot! Very hot! I decided to do something I’d never even dream of normally. I went over to the sink and stroked his back. Joe, almost anticipating another lonely housewife fuck, pulled his head from under the sink and looked Felicity up and down. Yep, she’s hot, early 20’s 514C542-zoomstudent, size 8. He got up from his knees, pushed Felicity against the counter top and kissed her. I couldn’t believe what was happening. A few minutes ago Joe was just a landlord, now he was about to do me against the counter-top! I knew I was wet so I grabbed Joe’s hand, pulling it under my dressing gown and making sure he knew I was ready to be fucked.
Joe took his cue, lifted Felicity onto the counter-top, pulled his cock out from his trousers and entered her. Felicity let out a large gasp as she realized just how large a cock that was!

Right there, on the counter-top, I was fucked by a man who really knew what he was doing. I spent most of the next 20 minutes moaning, groaning and hoping this wouldn’t be the last time he’d be fucking me with casual sex.I didn’t care if he was married, a father or any of that stuff.
I just needed his cock! After 20 minutes, Joe came and I held him as he steadied himself against the side wall. “Do you do this to all your tenants?”. I decided to be cheeky, I knew the answer was yes! “Only the hot ones!”. It’s funny, my headache had been cured too!

The Best Way to Set up a Casual Sex Experience

Lots of people are enthusiastic about creating a casual sexual experience with a complete stranger. These kinds of activities tend to be known as n.s.a. (no-strings-attached). The problem using these sorts of hookups is it is tough to locate a dependable resource for interacting with partners. Most of the places to meet up with individuals are online, and since there are plenty of them, the process to find somebody may be overwhelming. You have to produce a web-based identity/persona that you’re going to use to look for possible partners. And, with there being a lot of websites committed to connecting with casual companions, it’s a good option to generate single profiles on a number of websites simultaneously. Ensure that your profile is tempting, since you only acquire one chance with a first impression.

Once you’ve developed a profile, start looking through other member dating profiles and start contact. It really is a numbers game, and it’s also merely a matter of time when you discover a person with whom you express a reciprocal attraction. Therefore, don’t hesitate to make contact with as many folks as you like. Once you discover someone and the reciprocal appeal is made, the next thing is to advance on to locating a secure meeting place. For an informal encounter, it’s always best to meet inside a public place, such as a restaurant or even a bar, prior to going anywhere private. Actually, it is usually smart to do that most of the time- it will always be preferable to be cautious. One other thing to keep in mind is when you want your experience to stay casual, you definitely must make time to maintain a secure emotional distance in one another.

An excellent way to enjoy a casual encounter with no likelihood of meeting up with a complete stranger or having sex with an individual of doubtful safety, phone-sex is a superb alternative. An encounter on the telephone can be just as safe as self pleasure and it has the additional excitement of sharing the feeling with someone else, as an added bonus; you are able to satisfy your secret desires with no possible consequences of performing them.